Hope Connections has been a ray of light for me during a gloomy year.  In the year where I have spent more time than ever before in a variety of doctors' offices and hospitals, Hope Connections has been an open door through which I have wanted to proceed.  Inside, the people who I have met have sustained me.  Whether in a yoga class or support group, I have found caring and compassion and education.  It gave me a place to share my story and to regain my strength.  It had given me something to look forward to every week, somewhere where I have made new friends who understand what I am going through I have suggested ways to endure, but most importantly how to enjoy life and see the beauty again.  I cannot now imagine my life without hope connections as part of it, and my husband and I in turn  will do everything we can to support its mission.

Created by videographer Luke David, this testimonial video was made in celebration of our 10th
Thanks to Debbie Brodsky of DMB Pictures, a video of Louise and Fred's story has
My husband died recently from multiple myeloma.  I attended the caregivers' support group, and it was