All Day

Spring Fitness Challenge

Feeling sluggish, tired, or overwhelmed? Put that "Spring" back into your step and join Hope Connections for a 6-week wellness and fundraising program, the COVID-"15" Challenge!

2k Through May

Tired Of Being Indoors Every Day?!?  So Are We!! Get outside and join us for this years 2k Through May event!!


Strength & Balance

Kym Sevilla, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, will lead you in an unique exercise class designed to improve your strength, balance and posture, as well as your sense of well-being! All levels of fitness are welcome. Chairs available.


Knitting, Stitch, and Chat

Kathryn Winsberg, with 42 years of knitting experience and endless patience, leads this weekly group. In addition to knitting, lovers of all forms of stitch craft and handiwork are welcome to attend. Experience is not required.


Guided Mindful Meditation

May Benatar, PhD, LCSW-C leads this weekly group. Modern science has confirmed that a meditation practice actually changes the brain, strengthens immunity, reduces anxiety, and lowers blood pressure. Join May and learn the skill that once acquired will benefit you in mind, body and spirit.